We are getting married!

It has taken James some time but he finally agreed on a date of us getting married! And of course we want as many friends and family as possible to be there with us on this special day! We can’t wait to have all of you attending for what is to become the best day of our lives. There will be a lot of food, drinks, happiness, love, dancing, laughing and what more! If you know us, you know how we party! Let’s make this day special. To make it special, we want you to join us! On this dedicated website you can find the time and place of our wedding day!

We're counting the days

The married couple to be

Husband to be
Wife to be


People have been asking me for the longest time why I wasn’t engaged to James. The simple answer was: “He never proposed”. It turned out he didn’t propose because he wanted to propose to me in the most romantic way ever. He surprised me with a holiday to Australia (which he arranged with my manager) and he was so anxious to pop the question that he literally became sick because of it as soon as we landed in Sydney. That’s right.. He puked over me while asking me to be his wife. It doesn’t get more romantic than that, does it?


During the long flight to Sydney where I wanted to propose to Sofie I had some time to think about whether I really want to do this. While being in doubt for the longest time I had the great idea of just drinking alcohol the entire time. Nobody that is thinking clearly would ever propose to Sofie otherwise. But the drinking took its toll on me. I threw up as soon as we landed and I couldn’t think of a better time to ask her to be my wife. I mean, she still makes me make it up to her for that one little incident. So I might as well right?

Years together
Romantic getaways
Romantic dinners
Movie nights

Day planning

14:30 - Arrival time

Coffee, tea, a lot of familiar faces and love will be waiting for you as of 11:30!

15:30 - The " I Do! "

The moment that James have been waiting for! Sofie will most likely say the words "I do".

16:15 - The Cake

Let's see if James can handle a big knife! Time to cut that cake in pieces!

Evening planning

18:00 - Dinner time

Meat lover, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or other dietary wishes? We've got you covered!

20:00 - More coffee and cake

In case you think we still haven't feed you enough. Let's eat some more cake!

21:00 - Party time

What is a wedding without a proper party? Not a good wedding! Party time!

Where is the love being spread?

The venue

City Hall of Rotterdam
Coolsingel 40
3011 AD Rotterdam

The party

Eau Lounge
Boompjes 750
3011 XZ Rotterdam